Holds a bachelor degree from IIT Varanasi, BHU.

Has 15 years of rich IT experience in diverse technical and functional domains.

Expertise in domains , including Airline Cargo, Healthcare, Investment Banking, Telecom (OSS/BSS) and Hospitality.

Experience working in two-tier systems, including Borland Delphi; Distributed architectures, including J2EE, CORBA, SOA; and RDBMS, including Oracle and Sybase.

Lead a team of 20+ developers while working at CenturyLink, which built and supported the NetworX QOA application - a Quoting and Ordering system custom-made for US Fed agencies.

Built the Compliance Technology team at Goldman Sachs, Bangalore, India.

Developed and supported SEC regulatory reports, including 13F and 13D/G, while working at Goldman Sachs.

Built eGlue platform on C++/CORBA for integrating the various distributed systems at Lufthansa , AG Cargo department to provide a unified Cargo booking web interface.

Worked at various onsite locations, including New York and Denver (US), Frankfurt (Germany) and Singapore, coordinating and executing critical projects.