At Sabre Infosystems, we work at the cutting edge of technology. We have experience in working on very large projects across multiple domains such as eCom, Android, Banking, Tourism, CMS, etc.
Our team has high technical skills and has many years of experience in handling large domains like Banking, Telecom, Healthcare, ERP, CMS, CRM, Distributed Systems and Mobile Technologies.
A quick tour below will help to showcase few of the technologies we have worked on.

Our Expertise

Mobile Development
We have worked on both native and web applications, and have expertise on both GUI based development and client-server applications. Our developers have worked on many versions of android, and have made applications for a wide range of devices.

Software Architecture & Design
Our experienced team is rich in designing both large and small enterprise systems, be it 2-tier, 3-tier or multi-tier system. We understand UML, are good in Database modeling and have worked on distributed systems. And yes we also care about scalability, cost & performance.

Content Management Systems
Not only can we create your website on a standard CMS system like Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress,
we can also create a customized CMS system for you, if you so wish. You can manage many features of your website if that is built over a CMS.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Resource planning is the crux of any business. We help you create tools and software that can help you
manage your resources in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We can help in many ERP functions such as - HR activities, Accounting, Project management, CRM, Supply chain management, and many others.

Clinical Information System
Our team has comprehensive knowledge on how Clinical & Healthcare systems work. We have worked on modules such as Clinicals, OPD, Prescription, Hospitalization, Appointment & Scheduling, Reporting, etc.

Portal Development
Portal Development is one of our niches. We can develop your portal using a CMS of your choice or develop it from scratch. We can also develop eCom Portals, B2B systems, or a tool of your choice. We know the usage of advanced technologies such as HTML5, jQuery, Ext JS, etc which can be used to enhance the look and feel of your website. We can also deploy it on cloud for you.

Service Oriented Architecture
Enterprise Systems are built on distributed architecture where a lot of services are hosted and consumed. We have the capability of working on SoA & distributed systems, such as Web-Services, CORBA, EJB, Bus-Services, RESTful services, et al.